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What Is the Battery Gauntlet ?

A battery gauntlet, often associated with lead acid batteries, particularly tubular lead acid batteries, is a type of separator material used within the battery. In the context of tubular lead acid batteries, gauntlets are critical components that encapsulate the positive electrode (positive plate) material. They are designed to allow electrolyte flow and ionic exchange while preventing short circuits that could occur if the active material were to come into direct contact with the negative plates.

There are primarily two types of gauntlets used in these batteries:

  1. Nonwoven Gauntlet: Made from synthetic fibers, these gauntlets offer good acid resistance, strength, and permeability. They are designed to keep the active material in place while allowing the electrolyte’s ions to move freely, which is essential for the battery’s electrochemical reaction.
  1. Woven Gauntlet: As the name suggests, these are made by weaving fibers together to create a fabric. Woven gauntlets are used for similar purposes as nonwoven ones but might offer different characteristics in terms of durability, porosity, and mechanical strength, depending on the material and weave pattern.

These battery gauntlets play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, life span, and reliability of tubular lead acid batteries. They help in maintaining the structural integrity of the active material under the battery’s operational conditions, thereby improving the efficiency and performance of the batteries.



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