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40 Years Experience

Leading Chinese Battery Gauntlet Manufacturer Of Nonwoven Gauntlet and Woven Gauntlet, Specializing In European Quality Gauntlets

Welcome to OGauntlet, a renowned factory in China with 40 years of expertise in manufacturing top-tier nonwoven and woven gauntlets for tubular lead acid batteries.
Our dedication to quality rivals European standards, while our competitive pricing sets us apart. Catering exclusively to B2B clients, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner in the Middle East, Russia, and Asia.
Our products, designed for discerning technical and procurement officers, are the epitome of reliability and cost-effectiveness. At OGauntlet, we don’t just sell products; we forge enduring business relationships.

Trusted by Exide, Hoppecker, Enersys Hawker, Hitachi, Yuasa, world-class brands of all sizes.

Every month Exporting 

15+ 40’HQ Containers 

Tubular Battery Positive Plates Solutions

0.003Ω.dm Lower Resistance, Improve Your Battery

National Authority Institute Experimental Data Value

Nonwoven 19 Tubes 8.0

Nonwoven 19 Tubes 9.7

Nonwoven 15 Tubes 9.7

Woven 15 Tubes 9.7mm

Woven 19 Tubes 8.0mm

Woven 11 Tubes Oval

It’s time to use our battery gauntlet, raise up battery performance

Offer Samples in 3 days.

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Super Strong Supply Ability

Producing 12,000,000 Pieces Battery Gauntlets Per Month


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